Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Flower buds.....

Sometimes we look forward to our plants blooming so much that we don't notice how attractive the buds, or the blooms as they open, are.
So what follows is nothing more than a collection of buds and blooms as they open.....

 Gloriosa Superba

 Aconitum "Sparks Variety"

 Datura Meteloids

 Centaurea montana


 Fuchsia magellanica 

 Clerodendrum ugandense

 Cleome spinosa

 Tibouchina urvilliana

 Salvia patens

Polygala myrtifolia


  1. Very nice shots. It certainly can be a dramatic time to photograph plants.

  2. Great shots.The buds look so mysterious. You have very unusual flowers. Gloriosa superba is a native wild flower of India , which flowers during the monsoons (June to September)

  3. Thanks for your comments.
    Lotusleaf - your comments on the Gloriosa are interesting, as the best results that I've had with this plant have been when I keep it a little on the dry side. It must be due to the fact that our summers are that bit cooler than its native habitat.