Monday, 24 September 2012

The New Garden (part 1)

I've neglected my blog for too long, but I do have a good excuse - I moved house earlier this year and the new garden has kept me rather busy.

It was a mess when I moved in. Here are a few pictures (click the photos to open them in a larger size) of the main bed...................

It was a mass of weeds, Day Lilies, Forget me Nots, Perriwinkle and all sorts of other nasties..................

Many areas and plants had suffered from neglect....................

However, there was also a lot of promise, so I promised myself that I would take things slowly and see what else emerged.

Progress was indeed slow - this little patch was the result of a weeks worth of two hour sessions before work and one or two hours after work.................

It was resulting in three bags like the one in this photo being taken to the dump every day.

Shortly after moving in my Hippeastrum cybister bloomed for the first time in four years - a good omen?

It was closely followed by my seed grown Bird of Paradise blooming for the first time!

In closing, it's amazing what a difference just cutting the lawn makes to the way that a garden looks!

I'll add part two soon - thanks for looking!

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