Tuesday, 14 June 2011

If at first you don't succeed.........

...........blame the bulbs and buy better ones next time!

Four times I've tried to grow Hymenocallis festalis in the past and four times I've failed!
So when I saw some bulbs in the covered market in Oxford I almost said sod that. But they were much larger than the ones that I'd bought in the past, a good 70/80mm in size, so I grabbed a couple.

And now the first one has bloomed!

This bulb only put out the one shoot, the second bulb has put out twelve! Admittedly, only one looks likely to yield flowers, but it should mean plenty of young bulbs too.

So, if at first you fail blame the bulbs!


  1. Mine are blooming right now also. They are so pretty. Awesome photos.

  2. Nice photos. Mine are blooming too, and they will bloom till December.

  3. Thank you Lily and Lotusleaf.
    Can you get more than one flower stem per bulb?