Friday, 14 January 2011

It's Rebloom Time!

As I struggle to get through another thoroughly miserable winter it's nice to have a few reblooms on the orchid front to cheer things up (especially as one of my Paphs has given up putting new blooms out).

Both of the plants featured in this post have decided to put out two spikes too, which is a first for me!

This first one is quite a small Phalaenopsis noid which spent all summer out in the garden.

Whilst this white noid is very common, I'm really pleased with it's efforts this winter.....

Just waiting for the other four Phals that are producing spikes to bloom now - two of them have steadfastly refused to bloom for a couple of years now, seemingly happier to produce new leaves and keikis, and so I'm not even sure what they looked like now!

A Dendrobium rebloom, sadly missing most of the flower stem after my cat chewed it off!

In addition to the Phals that I'm waiting on, I have new buds forming on my Paphiopedilum Pinnocchio which has been taking a rest after flowering all summer, new spikes just coming through on a Den. kingianum, buds on my nobile Den, and a spike loaded with buds on a Cymbidium that I bought cheaply when it was out of bloom.

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