Friday, 29 October 2010


Hardly a rare or unusual plant I know, but some of them are just so beautiful!
I usually have one annual alongside my hardy F.magellanica riccartonii, but this year I went mad and had two annuals and added two more hardy examples too!

F.magallenica riccartonii

This has been with us since forever, and is now a rather large and unruly specimen! Who cares though when it's just so perfectly formed! It was very late flowering this year though.

F.Korralle fulgens

I always have a triphylla Fuchsia which is treated as an annual, usually F.thallia, but this year I went for Korralle fulgens instead. The flowers are borne on triphyllas in terminal clusters, so I tend to pinch them out just the once. Full sun is essential, as is good humidity. They do not like to be allowed to dry out - if they are they just dump the flowers!

Fuchsia "Satellite"

This was an impulse buy, for no better reason than the unusual form of the petals! It did however turn out to be a "good bloomer", and took a fair bit of neglect too!

Fuchsia "David"

A small example, the flowers are at most 20mm, it's the most free flowering form that I've ever grown. Despite only growing to about 30cm or so, it's described as fully hardy. I've grown it in a pot though so that it can have some winter protection.

I'll cover my final Fuchsia (F.perscandens) in a separate post. 

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